Helping Companies take the stress out of Candidate Registration, leaving you to enjoy that Coffee. 

"Delivering Excellence" in Candidate Compliance

QR Registration


Registering candidates can be a slow and painstaking process with no real guarantee that the time spent will result in the candidate showing up.


The mobile web app allows seamless registrations of candidates reducing admin time for your consultants, without the need for heavy IT equipment at each site, or having to print endless paper registration packs.

PDF Applications


As technology improves simplifying our day to day lives the simple things in life tend to take a back seat. Having read millions of applications the effects of bad handwriting can have serious implications. 

Our web application with an alphanumeric verification field eliminates keystroke errors and the dreaded "is that an 8 or 9 quiz.

CRM Integration


Double-entry of data within recruitment will always have the potential of human error by your staff. 

Our CSV option allows seamless uploads straight into your system at any time. No data migration issues with your current CRM system if you decide to change, no change in your registration process. We can also API straight into your system once you've selected the data you need.

Worker Access


Whether your business is expanding or you're looking to replace a member of staff, we understand how important it is to recruit someone who has the skills, personality traits and talent to take your business forward.

With our access to a network of recruiters, our reach of candidate and industry enables a high success rate in filling that stubborn booking, plus management of your peak workforce.

HR Advice


We understand that every requirement is different so sourcing the right Human Resource professional for the right job is paramount. 


Hitting the ground running is where we excel, we understand that you never get a second chance at first impressions.

GDPR Compliant


Our server has been encrypted with a 2 tier verification process to allow greater control on the sensitive data which is given during the induction process. 

All Images of ID and Payment information is supplied in encrypted Cloud storage for your instant access.


We will keep you compliant 

while you concentrate 

              on running your business

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